solar breeze pool cleaner

Without you lifting a finger, this pool skimmer removes 90-95% of all debris, including leaves, pollen, dust and even suntan oils from the surface of your pool before it sinks to the bottom. And it does this for FREE using only energy from the sun. It operates automatically all day long when most pool filtration systems are idle, keeping your pool surface sparkling clean.



Glider Window Cleaner

It’s time to say goodbye to the days of hiring a professional window cleaner.

If you ever find yourself staring wistfully out your second-floor windows at those hard-to-reach exterior smudges, now there’s a solution. You can easily clean the inside and outside of your windows at the same time with Tyroler’s handy new window-cleaning tool, the Glider.

As its name suggests, the Glider smoothly glides across both sides of your window, thanks to its two magnetic pieces. (A security string that you can either shut in your window or wear on your finger ensures the outside piece doesn’t fall.) A microfiber cloth makes sure that the both sides of your glass will be spotless and streak-free. Basically, it’s like a double-sided, magnetic squeegee for your windows—brilliant!