Top 5 Gaming Mouse Of 2018

The SteelSeries Rival 600

The SteelSeries Rival 600 gaming mouse is an exceptionally rare product for just under $80. It’s loaded with abundant technologically advanced features that can improve any gamer setup which leads to a more immersive gaming experience. The most feels like an extension to your hand while using it machine boasts of a dual sensor system customizable weight feature in an ideal combination of primary and side buttons leading to a more precise performance on part of the gamer. The mouse flaunts an aesthetically pleasing design alongside true RGB spectrum lighting which draws innocuous attention rivaling other peripherals of the desktop. The machine was designed for competitive gamers and the reinforced split trigger system is a boon and gives a slight proportionate edge over other gamers by delivering extremely accurate clicks and ensuring every click is executed with extraordinary precision.The most features a 12,000 dpi sensor and a depth sensor which eliminates cursor sway when the mouse is accidentally or intentionally lifted off the mouse pad. The mouse is checked off every user criteria list and reported high levels of satisfaction from the consumer and then some. The durability of the mouse does not degrade over prolonged usage and reports no tracking issues. Swift response time and overall quality of the product remains stable.



The Logitech G 903 Lightspeed gaming mouse looks like a sports car to miniature human beings. This high-priced Mouse is the successor of the G 900 version with slight positive variations. This gaming mouse is in a league of its own both in its price range and sleek futuristic design. This mouse plus the power play mousepad cost just under $205, but the interwoven technology in tandem with Lightspeed response and a plethora of customizable features make this mouse a must-have eSports accessory. It features a dpi range of 200 to 12,000 alongside advanced pmw 33 6 optical sensor which enables zero smoothing filtering or acceleration across the entire dpi range at unprecedented speeds. Grazing just over 400 IPS. The button design is highly nuanced and the clicks are addictive owing its attributes to advanced mechanical button tensioning which is gratifying to our fingers. Delivering a clean and crisp button feel response and consistency. The devices wireless charging capabilities is truly something out of a science-fiction movie. The charging pad creates an electromagnetic resonance charging field that the mouse absorbs through a Power Core module at a rapid rate and keeps the most functional while at play and at rest. Essentially facilitating smooth gaming engagement. This mouse flaunts a customizable ambidextrous design which gives this mouse unique blending characteristics to any climate of play and supports nearly every grip for maximum gaming impact. This mouse is recommended for serious eSport professionals and is definitely a worthy weapon to have in your armory.



The Razer Naga Trinity is an ideal gaming mouse for cross-genre gaming costing just under $100. This unusually adaptable mouse is generally designed from MMOs and MOBAs. It possesses an accurate 16,000 dpi 5g optical sensor. Resulting in unrealistically accurate response time, which is crucial in any multiplayer gaming scenario. The most distinguishable feature of the device which justifies the pricing is the three customizable side plates with 2, 7 and 12 button configurations respectively resulting in a full capacity of 19 fully programmable buttons which really makes this an attractive choice for gamers with a multitude of games to play. This mouse personifies the same one-size-fits-all and sports Razer chroma RGB lighting. Checking both the functionality and aesthetics lis. The mouse rests comfortably in the hand and a side plate stay in their place despite them being so precariously attached. Suffice to say there are some shortcomings to the device as well. The stiffness of the side buttons consistently failed to register the presses, frustrating gamers, but this is particularly an out of the box issue like gloves. The mouse will get worn in and the issue rarely presents itself again. The side plates don’t present an issue over prolonged usage and stay in place in the middle of frantic fights that can potentially unhinge the pieces of the mouse. All in all a nifty device for a variety of gamers.




The Corsair Dark Core RGB Wireless gaming mouse is an exceptional Mouse for just under $90. Wireless technology wasn’t always an ally to the gaming industry and frustrated many enthusiasts over delayed response time, lack of timely connectivity, integrating battery life, which led to gamers resorting back to Wired gaming peripherals. Corsair came as a saving grace and a front-runner for wireless technology. The new Corsair mouse is exceptional in capabilities in a fierce rival to any wired connection equipment in the gaming industry. Loaded with ultra-fast one-millisecond 2.4 gigahertz low latency Bluetooth wireless technology which grants a truly exceptional response time and allows the mobility and freedom endowed to any wireless device. The mouse is not pigenholed by the wireless technology and comes with a wired connection which is humbling in a testament to the device’s versatility. The device boasts a respectable 24 hour battery life and is truly versatile in its charging capabilities. It can be charged either by a USB connection or a Corsair mm 1000 or any Qi compatible charging pad. The mouse’s contour shaped design with an interchangeable side grip naturally aligns itself to the arch of your hand improving response effectiveness. The mouse isn’t written in its functional settings either. Different macros can be assigned to different keys and dynamic lighting effects can be created which is soothing to the eye. One particular feature that truly sets this device apart is the surface calibration tuning utility which optimizes sensor precision and responsiveness for your playing surface and integrates well with the current desktop environment which eliminates the need for additional drivers and software scrolling down.



The ROCCAT Kone AIMO is definitely the prettyboy of the gaming mouse world.Wth its striking feature rich lighting, it definitely entices the viewer but it’s more than just its looks. The feature-rich mouse packs in good macro skills without a numbpad which is a deal-breaker for most gamers, but if you’re willing to not let the lack of numbpad deter you this is an excellent ergonomic gaming mouse. The ergonomic design fits in the hand like a worn out glove and the comfort is familiar. Eliminating the need for settling in time like any other new product. The mouse is reasonably priced at just under $80 and is definitely a better fit for people with larger hands. The lighting is predominantly an acquired taste and can be visually irritating to some people. The mouse contains a staggering 10 programmable buttons or gestures in addition to the standard left and right buttons, which are customisable using the ROCCAT Swarm App. Pre-programmed functions assigned to primary and secondary buttons are intuitive and customizable to the extent that you can control your OS functionality with a single click. The owl eye optical sensor gives unrelenting pointer precision. With up to 12,000 dpi modified pix art 336 won optical sensor giving you a lethal advantage in any game. It also has a powerful 32-bit ARM MCU plus onboard memory that lets you store and run macros on the fly and a built-in tracking distance control unit monitors the pick flight of your mouse for heightened accuracy which is essential for optimum gaming performance. The mouse is endeared by its status as a gaming mouse and can be used as a regular working mouse due to its ergonomic desigh and the buttons aren’t intrusive to daily workings. This is a top rated mouse with some pretty cool functions.