The Best Money-Saving Products From Amazon Basics


AmazonBasics is Amazon’s house brand, and it spans a seriously impressive breadth of products and categories, from electronics to exercise equipment, from dog beds to dinnerware — all generally for less than what you’d pay for comparable name-brand stuff. Take a look at some AmazonBasics top bestsellers here, and see why users love them so much.

AA Performance Alkaline Batteries, 100 Pack: $23.99

Proof positive that bulk is the only way to buy batteries, Amazon sells this 100-pack of AA cells for around $24.99 — about what you’d pay for a 24-pack at the drugstore. You can find similarly great deals on AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries, all of them with stellar user rating



Pet Training Pads, 100 Count: $16.99

If you’ve ever had to housebreak a pup (or take care of an older dog whose house-training maybe wasn’t as consistent as it used to be), you know it’s possible to go through a lot of absorbent pads. These 22″ square pads have five layers of material to make them leakproof — a claim plenty of the more than 6,500 reviewers vouch for, with some even saying these pads beat out pet and big-box store competitors. These reviewers are also an especially helpful bunch in that many of them post side-by-side photos for comparison.

AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads


Washcloths, 24-pack: $14.99

Look at this insane stack of cotton washcloths. Just look at it. There are so many washcloths here that I almost can’t believe it, and all of them can be had for under $15.

With this many washcloths, the possibilities are endless (so long as those possibilities involve using a washcloth for something). You could keep some in the bathroom cabinet, take some with you to the gym, or just stack them all up in a pile and admire your tower of washcloths.

In all seriousness, washcloths are precisely the type of thing you probably shouldn’t be spending a lot of money on (unless they’re embroidered with your initials, or something).


Nylon-braided Lightning cables for iPhone/iPad: $9.99 (3 ft.) to $12.99 (6 ft.)

Fans of the iPhone will be the first to tell you that Apple’s Lightning cable is anything but durable; the wires fray, the connective piece fails, and before long, you’re stuck with a cable whose connection flickers on and off unless the wire is tilted at just the right angle.

Instead of dropping close to $20 on a new Lightning cable from Apple, why not stock up nylon-braided lightning cables, which should offer more protection than the casing on the standard cable. Having a dedicated Lightning cable in each room of your house (or, say, at the office) will also limit the amount of wear-and-tear you’d otherwise put them through.



Velvet Suit Hangers, 50-pack for $21

What makes velvet hangers better than those cheap plastic jobs at the dollar store? Well, the velvety texture of the hangers keeps clothes from slipping off, leading to less creasing in your clothes. Plus, they just look a lot nicer.



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