Products You’ll Only Need To Buy Once In Your Life

I’m a big fan of the “buy it for life” movement. We hire products for specific jobs. If I can hire the product once and get the job done for the rest of my life, I’m in favor.


Not only does this Umbrella have a teflon coating, it also has a lifetime guarantee!

Most umbrellas are made of 6 or 8 aluminum ribs but Repel is fortified with 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out.

This Solid Metal Mechanical Pencil You Will Never Need To Replace

Constructed of solid, heavy brass, with an industrial-strength powdercoated finish, the Rotring 600 is built for decades of constant use.

rOtring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil


Hydro Flask water bottle that is virtually drop-proof

Hydro Flask has the incredible ability to keep your beverage icy cold, or piping hot for hours on end. It’s super durable, incredibly well made and comes with a lifetime guarantee



Dr. Martens Classic “For Life” 1460 boots

This is the “for life” version of the Dr. Marten classic boot. They are built to last a lifetime, but if they do start to wear out, Dr. Marten will replace them for you. Each pair comes with an extra set of laces and a special balm that protects the leather from the elements, keeping it soft.

dr martens boots


Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

This mat claims to get better with age. New owners should treat their mat like a fine ham and sprinkle it with coarse sea salt to break it in and improve its stickiness. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Manduka Pro yoga mat


A piece of Tumi luggage that’ll outlast even the most tireless traveler

“They are fairly pricey but last forever and can take an insane amount of wear and tear.” 

Tumi luggage


Bodum French Press that’s as eternal as your caffeine addiction.

“It’s withstood twice daily use since 1999 and shows no signs of disrepair.”

Bodum French Press


Leatherman Multitool that combines 14 functions in one long-lasting gadget.

“I’ve had my Leatherman Wingman for 10 years. It’s a great multitool and has never broken, even though it has been put through everything.” 

leathermen wingman


These Harperton Nail Clippers Will Be The Last Ones You Ever Buy

If you haven’t tried a REAL pair of nail clippers, trust me, you need to. It’s a completely different (and far superior) experience from those $2 clippers.

happerton nail clippers


This Cast Aluminum Bialetti That’ll Make Your Espresso For Decades

This is one serious hunk of coffee-brewing metal.

Bialetti espresso maker


One Of These Lodge Cast Iron Pans That’ll Last More Than A Lifetime

Lodge has been casting some of the best iron cookware since 1896

lodge cast iron pans


These Craftsman Screwdrivers Get You Free Replacements If They Ever Break Or Wear Out

That said, they’ll probably never break or wear out.

Craftsman Screwdrivers


These Ray-Ban Wayfarers Have Been Gracing Faces Since 1956

The definition of classic cool.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers


This Industrial-Strength Lightning Cable Will Charge Your Phone Forever

Lightning cables don’t HAVE to constantly destroy themselves.

anker Industrial-Strength Lightning Cable.


This Space Pen That’s Built For Outer Space And A Lifetime Of Use.

It’s built to work flawlessly in space, for crying out loud. It’ll work beautifully on earth.

fisher space pen


These Simple Weber Grills Just Never Die

Originally fabricated from an old bouy, these all-metal classics are still the go-to-‘cues for millions of backyard BBQ kings nationwide.

weber grill


This Industry Standard Swingline Stapler Will Never Jam On You

All-metal construction means zero-fuss use.

swingline stapler


This Zippo Lighter That Hasn’t Changed Since 1933

It’s a Zippo. It will never die.

zippo lighter