Braeön Is A New Material That’s Stronger Than Steel And More Versatile Than Duct Tape


We’ve always relied on duct tape to patch things, attach them together, and otherwise repair a variety of items in a jiffy. And it works great. Braeon is a thermoplastic ribbon that does the same thing, except it holds things together with a bond that, the outfit claims, is literally as strong as steel. This super plastic – in the form of a pure polymer ribbon – is capable of some pretty amazing things. With just the simple application of heat, this material can be turned into chain links, shoelaces, a vehicle tow rope, a knife handle wrap – honestly, the applications are nearly endless. It’s also unbelievably strong. In fact, a single ribbon can withstand over 2,500 pounds of pull-strength. It has even been used to tow a 5,000 pound truck up a 30 degree incline. And the best part is, it’s malleable enough that it can then be reformed and repurposed. Light as a feather, strong as steel, water resistant, and functional in extreme cold – Braeon super plastic can do it all.

Here’s how it works. First, heat the strand of ribbon with hot air or water, which enables it to take to its desired shape. Adhere the strand around an object and to itself to form a bond, kind of like tape. Finally, let the shape cool and set for a few minutes until its molecules fuse. To reshape, simply heat it up again and repeat.


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