The Amazing Orange Goo Is The Key Ingredient In Armor Us By Football Players And Soldiers

d30 goo

It’s bright orange, it’s squishy, it stretches like taffy — and it is unlike any body armor you’ve ever seen.

If you were attacked with a baseball bat and you were wearing this bright orange goop under your clothes, then your attacker might as well have swung a toothpick at you — the goop will take the hit for you and absorb the strike.

D3O is a bright orange putty that is soft when handled slowly but stiffens immediately when hit. The patented gel is already used by customers including sports brands Under Armour and Schutt Sports; workwear makers Snickers and Dr. Martens’; and the US Special Forces for defence applications. 

“If I wrap it around my fingers, it’s very soft,” Felicity Boyce, a material developer at D3O, told CNN, “but if you hit it with great force, it behaves more like a solid that’s absorbing the shock and none of that impact goes through my hand.”


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