This Automated CPR Device Could Help First Responders Save Many Lives

autopulse automatic cpr

If performed effectively, CPR can keep a person alive until medical help can be administered. In some areas medical help may take more than 10 minutes to arrive. Every minute counts and can mean the difference in life or death.

CPR is most effective when it is continuously given without interruption. Unfortunately, in some situations, it can be difficult or nearly impossible for first responders continue CPR as a person is being evacuated from a building or other areas with difficult terrain.

In place of mechanical CPR, mechanical CPR devices can automatically deliver CPR strokes to continue blood circulation and oxygen supply of unresponsive victims. A large scale trial revealed one such automatic CPR device, called the AutoPulse, increased the survival rate of patients in need of CPR by 3.6%.

The device straps on to a victim and provides compression strokes by rapidly inflating an deflating a bag. The device is battery operated and can perform CPR for over 10 minutes. The device could save thousands of lives every year.

The AutoPulse is specifically designed to assist paramedics and other first responders to continue CPR in areas where manual CPR is nearly impossible. According to Zoll, the creators of AutoPulse, their device can provide better CPR compression strokes than first responders can perform in difficult scenarios.


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