This Mini-Camper Can Be Used As A Trailer Or A Rolling Apartment


Thinking about packing it up and heading off into the wilds for some much-needed quiet time in nature? While camping in a tent is great fun, some may prefer the added comfort of a trailer. But for those of us who have smaller cars and don’t want to spend to buy another vehicle, pulling a larger trailer is out of question.

But there are smaller, more lightweight trailers out there. Los Angeles-based company Happier Camper makes this cute, retro-styled trailer that weighs only 1,100 pounds, meaning that it can be pulled by certain mid-sized cars or station wagons.

The HC1 interior features custom designed fiberglass modular cubes that can even do double-duty as indoor and outdoor furniture. The camper sleeps up to five people with room for single, double or queen size beds, storage, hauling, cooking and even commercial uses (here comes the food trailer!). The exterior is a 100% high-quality fiberglass shell that comes with a colored gel coat of your choice. Both the shells and modular cubes are lightweight and designed to withstand harsh environments. Pricing for the HC1 is expected to start at $13,950.


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