BioLite FirePit: The Portable Smokeless Campfire

biolite firepit

There is nothing quite like gathering around a bonfire with friends and family. Whether you’re at a campsite or just hanging out in the backyard, the warmth and light generated by a fire can be incredibly relaxing. The downside of course is having to deal with the smoke, which can get into your eyes, permeate your hair and clothes, and even choke your lungs. At times, it can be enough to ruin the entire experience. But BioLite has come up with a brilliant new product that promises to eliminate these problems altogether.

Enter the BioLite FirePit – a portable device that offers the best aspects of a campfire without the smoke. With a built-in fan chock full of 51 separate jets, the FirePit pumps oxygen directly into a fire, allowing it to burn efficiently, reducing overall smoke output and generating more heat. BioLite also includes a removable grill that allows users to whip up a batch of wood or charcoal-cooked hot dogs, burgers, or corn on the cob, making this portable fire pit as versatile as anything in the company’s lineup. 



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