This Tiny, Clever Device Will Help You Correct Your Bad Posture

upright go

UPRIGHT GO is a tiny wearable device that improves your posture by vibrating every time you slouch. It also tracks your posture on the UPRIGHT app. Screen slouching is one of the main prices we pay for our modern lifestyle. Poor posture doesn’t just look bad, it has very real negative effects on the body and mind, causing back pain and diminishing confidence. When you sit or stand upright, you look and feel more confident, appear leaner and feel better. “We should care about posture because it affect who we are every day. There are mental benefits, physiology benefits, self image benefits

The UPRIGHT GO connects to a mobile app (iOS and Android) that generates a personal training plan, customized to meet your own individual needs. With the UPRIGHT GO app you can track your progress and view your overtime stats.