Kingii Is A Wristband That Could Save You From Drowning

kingii flotation device

Kingii is the world’s smallest water safety inflatable.  This small, sleek, and stylish wrist-worn unit can deploy at the pull of the lever when you’re in the water and need to stay afloat! 

For people 6 years and older, the Kingii fits around the wrist and at the pull of a lever inflates into something like a floatie in one second. The Kingii is buoyant enough to work for people over 275 pounds, even though it weighs just under 5 ounces. It uses compressed air canisters (CO2), much like the kind you’d use to inflate a bike tire out on the road, but not identical.

Wear your Kingii when swimming, surfing, stand up paddling, or just in and around the water… you’ll feel safer and ready to enjoy yourself at the beach, pool, river, or lake!