This Tool Squeezes Every Last Drop Out Of Any Tube

the big squeeze tube tool

Does the idea of wasting money drive you crazy? There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you got everything you paid for. Look around your house. You’ll be surprised how many products come in tubes such as cosmetics, moisturizers, medical ointments, adhesives and of course toothpaste.  No matter how carefully you squeeze, pinch or roll a tube it’s nearly impossible to get everything out of them. In fact, you can waste up to 25% from these expensive products. You don’t have to accept this constant struggle anymore.

The Big Squeeze tube squeezer is an ergonomic hand tool designed to easily and effectively dispense all the product out of your household tubes.  It’s intuitive design and heavy duty construction makes getting every drop out of your tubes a cinch and downright fun to use. 



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