This Alarm Clock Automatically Brews Coffee While You Wake

If you find yourself hitting the snooze button at the buzzing of your alarm clock in the morning, The Barisieur just might be the answer you’re looking for. Created by London-based industrial designer Josh RenoufThe Barisieur is an automatic coffee-brewing machine and alarm clock in one. Just think—you could be waking up to the sweet scent of a fresh cup of joe…

In addition to the aromatic allure of coffee, the alarm clock is designed to wake you up with the gentle movement of stainless steel balls in the glass cylinders as the water boils and eventually pours into the inpidual cup. Renouf also suggest that the machine will help users get into a rhythmic routine, restocking their coffee into the contraption the night before and waking up to a delicious brew.

To see more about the machine, check out Renouf’s website.


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