The Last Pen You Will Ever Need To Own

fisher space pen

Created for astronauts in 1965, the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is arguably the most recognizable pen of the 20th century. Capable of writing in a wide range of temperatures (-30 to 250°F), underwater, at any angle, and even upside down, the pen is equipped with a tip that consists of an ultra-hard tungsten carbide ball encased in a precision steel socket. Leak-free and always operable, it’s filled with thixotropic ink, which is hermetically sealed in a pressurized reservoir made to last three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint. With an easy-to-remove cap, understated aesthetic style, and dependable performance, it’s no wonder the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is the writing utensil of choice for astronauts, the armed forces, and anyone else who needs a pen they can count on.