This Mop Has A Built-In Washer And Dryer And Makes Mopping So Much Easier


The Mopnado takes the chore of mopping, and makes it soooo much easier, so much faster, so much less tedious. It is smart, it is efficient, and it brings a whole new dare I say pleasant experience to what is usually regarded as a laborious not to mention boring chore.


“I suffer from osteoarthritis and a previously broken shoulder, so I need all of the help I can get with effective cleaning tools that reduce the need for repetitive movements that rile up my joints and tendons. I was attracted to this brand of spin-mop for several reasons. The mop itself has a larger radius for more floor coverage in one pass. The bucket and stainless steel spin ringer are much sturdier. The rolling capability to move it around is very innovative, stress-reducing, and useful. Probably the most attractive added feature for me was the scrub brush attachment which is wonderful for loosening up stubborn sticky or greasy spots on the floor before mopping. This system has worked perfectly for me, and part of that is because of the wonderful support by this company with their extremely helpful how-to-do-it video on their website. “

– Karen L.